Video: “Decemburrrrrrrr on the OBX” – Mikey Sabadic

Summer is over. Warm water was nice while it lasted but it was inevitable for the cold water to filter in and help thin out the crowds. It hasn't been a great year for swell, in fact, it's been down right quiet when it comes to hurricane season. The good news: no major damage due to natural disasters. The bad news: small waves. It hasn't been all doom-and-gloom with the exception to a few nice wind swells that kicked up some clean overhead waves. A handful of surfers in this video took what they can get. Surfers include: Nathan Lowdermilk, Evan Felton, Morgan Leavel, Christian Van Vliet, Ryan Rhodes, Robert Haire, Zack Knapp, Joey Crum, Tony Weaver, Julian Payne and Jason Griffith. Thanks to Mikey Sabadic (video & editing) for posting on YouTube. enjoy.