Photo Gallery: “Wicked Weather on the Outer Banks”

One thing is for certain, change is constant on the Outer Banks. Either you're a weather junkie like us and love it, or you'd rather slither back into your haven and watch from a safe distance. We've collected another grouping of photos that were taken over the last several years illustrating just how moody the Outer Banks can be. ¬†With it's shifty sandbars and extreme vulnerability to all that the Atlantic offers, here's a collection of photos taken by a handful of photographers in and around the Outer Banks showcasing the extreme weather conditions. If you have some great photos that you'd like to share, email them to [email protected] and if used, we'll send you a coupon code for 1 free annual premium membership. Photographers include: Mickey McCarthy, Jenni Koontz, Brent Nultemeier, Corey Schaible, Jon Carter, Susan Ogden, Ryan Diegelmann, Rick Anderson, Ray Matthews, and Mikey Sabadic