Photo Gallery: “April Surf” – Ashlyn White & Jon Carter

The Coronavirus has put quite a spin on society. Businesses, schools and bridges in the Outer Banks were closed with everyone being forced to self-quarantine for a few weeks. The lockdown has put a strain on local businesses that depend heavily on tourism, especially as we near the month of May where shoulder season tourists are expected to arrive. With so much uncertainty and fear of the unknown comes a "flip-side" where people are forced to slow down, spend more time with family and enjoy the outdoors.
Life on the island, in some ways, is like the aftermath of a hurricane... something this community is used to going through, but without the destruction of a hurricane. 
The Outer Banks is usually known for it's vast stretch of crowd-less beaches but being here during the lock-down is somewhat eerie (and desolate).For the lucky few, the Outer Banks beaches are still accessible to full time residents - as long as they continue to exercise proper social distancing. In short, that means you can still surf if you live here... with practically ZERO crowds. But that's going to change soon. Below are some shots highlighting a couple of fun swells during the lock-down in April. It will definitely be a month to remember as a full-time resident surfer on the Outer Banks. Social distancing at it's finest! All photos courtesy of Jon Carter and Ashlyn White. Surfers include: Keagan McCall, Noah Goetsch, Stephen Muglia, Matt Beacham, Bo Raynor, Dana Quinn, Erik Schub, Jeffrey Myers, Julian Payne, Max Lina, Mike Zeiner, Quentin Turko, Sam Sykes, Sterling King, Will Deane and Stefan Turko.