“11th Annual Throwdown Surf Classic” – Sept. 28, 2019

The 11th annual Throwdown Surf Classic is scheduled for Sept. 28 at Chicahauk Beach in Southern Shores. Throwdown Surf Classic is brought to you by the Throwdown Youth Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit. Every year this event raises money to help a local person in need. In its history, the Throwdown has raised more than $100,000 to support someone dealing with expensive medical challenges.   Registration is OPEN for the 2019 Throwdown Surf Classic. If you can get on a board, we have a division for you! 2019 Divisions: 7u push party: coed 10u push party: coed 10u MicroGroms: coed (kids can paddle into waves or whitewater on their own) 12u boys: Barney’s 12u girls: Teenie Wahines 14u boys: Groms 14u girls: Wahines 16u boys: Shreddas 16u girls: Shred Sistas 18u boys: Rippa’s 18u girls: Gidgets 16u bodyboard - Da Boogies: (coed). Open longboard - Kahunas: (Coed, all ages) Rad Dads/Men’s shred fest: -(You may ride any surf vehicle you choose. shortboard, longboard, bodyboard, softie, or SUP). Surfing for Rad ride, coolest maneuver, awesome wipeout, longest ride, best bathing suit, Most stoked, etc. Grom Moms/Women’s shred off. (Same criteria as above. You may ride any surf vehicle you choose) Click HERE to register! Click HERE to volunteer.