Video: “Abeyance” – Logan Marshall

Logan's latest release just dropped and it's every bit as good as his last video and then some. Packed with talent, it was filmed in 2020 and was edited from March until June. "The concept for this video was to try unique features to help control the mood and tone of this video as well as the viewers minds perception of what's in the frame." Logan said. Surfer's featured: John John Florence, Wiggoly Dantas, Eli Olson, Reef Heazlewood, Derek Ho, Nathan Florence, Koa Rothman, Makanna Pang, Rob Brown, Nate Behl, Bo Raynor, Nick Marshall, Kiron Jabour, Finn McGill, Gabe Morvil, Matt Beacham, Jesse Raynor, Will Deane, Stephen Muglia, Noa Deane, Mitch Parkinson, Levi Slawson, Laird Myers SET RESOLUTION TO 1080p AND WATCH WITH HEADPHONES FOR MOST EFFECTIVE EXPERIENCE