2019 International Board Builders Day: In support of Jesse Fernandez

The 2nd annual International Surfboard Builder's Day will be on April 13th from 1-3pm in the side yard of Outer Banks Boarding Company. Come meet and hang with your local shapers here on the Outer Banks including Scott Busbey, Jeff Cummings, Jesse Fernandez, Bill Frierson, Scooter Halladay, Rascoe Hunt, Tim Nolte, Murray Ross, Mike Rowe, Lynn Shell and Bob Yinger. Shapers will have some of their boards on display and will be ready to answer all your surf questions. This year's event will be supporting former pro longboard surfer and long time Outer Banks surfboard builder Jesse Fernandez. In August 2018, Jesse was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Kidney Cancer. In February 2019 a Go Fund Me was started with an amazing response by the local and surf community at large. There will be three different hand-shaped surfboards that will be raffled off. All donated for the cause with the proceeds going to support Jesse. $50 or more donation will get you one chance to win one of the surfboards listed below. If you would like multiple chances please donate $50 or more separately for each. Tickets are limited to 100 and the winner will be announced May 5th. The first will be a Retro Fish by Scott Busbey (2018 International Surfboard Builders Hall of Fame) The second will be a 9'2" Longboard by Bill Friarson (Inductee 2019 International Surfboard Builders Hall of Fame) The third will be a WRV surfboard by Jesse Fernandez (donated by Wave Riding Vehicles) For more info please send a message on Facebook by clicking HERE.