Photo Gallery: “Hurricane Florence, Sept. 13 in Avon/Buxton” – Epic Shutter Photography

I would think it's safe to say we dodged a bullet with Hurricane Florence here on the Outer Banks. What was once a threatening category 4 hurricane, quickly downgraded to a category 1 and decided to make landfall in Wilmington. Rain forecasts for the Outer Banks were ranging anywhere from 3-10 inches but every day, the storm kept tracking South and most of the Outer Banks was spared... at least this time. Areas South of Oregon Inlet were hit the hardest with high tide ocean over-wash. Waves were breaking around 20 feet and causing some significant erosion in some spots.  Jenni Koontz of Epic Shutter Photography was down in Avon/Buxton documenting all the action.  Below are a few photos that she took on September 13, 2018 showing some of the damage done. "I drove South from Avon to Frisco Pier and back. During this storm, the wind wasn't bad... maybe 80mph max? I was questioning my decision to stay or leave. What was a little unusual and different than most storms was the flooding was worse several hours after high tide passed." – Jenni Koontz