Video: “Hines 2021 – Trailer” by Mike Leech Photography

Mike Leech has got something in the works and just released a great trailer to unveil a new film. This from Mike Leech: So very excited to finally tell everyone what’s been cookin’ in my head. Last year, after watching @logan_marshall ‘Dimensions’ I got the idea of making my own feature film. This film is about the life of Jesse Hines. Where he started, his professional career, how he came to faith, and the impact he has had on the OBX surfing community as a whole. And some surf edits of course. I should preface, in no means am I competing with Logan, or any other filmmaker. I’m doing this to grow my skills and tell people the life of Jesse Hines. I am hoping to premiere it October 2021 at the Surfin’ Spoon... but that date is likely to change if COVID isn’t controlled by then. I’m so very excited to show this film to everyone!! Thank you to everyone for your support❤️ Check out the trailer here: