Surfing Magazine Shut Down After 50 Years

surfing mag collectionSince the 60s, surfing has been one of the most popular water sports. A giant industry has been created around this popular sport. Many surfing films, video games, websites, and magazines have been created around this popular sport. Surfing Magazine has been one of the largest publications that started in 1964. Surfers have called on this magazine to learn about all of the new pro surfers, events, and new surfing gear. However, after 50 years, parent company TEN is deciding to shut down this magazine. For many famous surfers today, this magazine helped to create their careers. Many saddened surfers posted on social media about how much they will miss this amazing magazine. This closure of this magazine is due to a push from parent company TEN to focus more on online avenues. The history of Surfing Magazine isn't complete without mentioning their main competitor Surfer. Even right from the start, there were more surfers who preferred Surfing over Surfer due to superior journalism and forward thinking ways. In the late 60s, Surfing Magazine was responsible for introducing the shortboard to the mainstream surfing community. With a newly hired art director, Surfing Magazine was able to pass up Surfer as the cool new hip magazine. While this only lasted for a few short years, Surfing Magazine was the bringing the latest in surfing technology and trends while Surfer was stuck in the past. One of the major issues regarding the future success of Surfing Magazine was being under the same umbrella of parent company TEN. When it came time to consolidate print media and focus on online media, as well as a focus of social media it was inevitable that one of the print magazines would have to go. Surfer has adapted more gracefully to the new online style of journalism, and that is what ultimately saved the publication in the end. TEN is looking to bring over some of the great minds from Surfing to help with the editorial staff at Surfer. It isn't clear as to how many of these editors will make the move to Surfer, but it will be a goal of TEN to mix the editing style of both Surfer and Surfing Magazine together. While print media is no longer a strong force in the world of media, TEN has been moving forward to create a strong presence in other media sources readily available online. TEN has focused on creating engaging videos in their 30,000 square foot studio in Los Angeles with a team of 50 employees. A big reason why many surfers are sad to see Surfing magazine go is their unique point of view. While Surfer Magazine was always looking for the bigger audience, Surfing Magazine would cater to the alternative surf culture. There are some surfers out there who are now afraid that the whole industry and surf culture will become generic. Hopefully, the writers, editors, and photographers who make Surfing Magazine so great will continue to influence individuality and alternative views in the world of surfing. This blog was brought to you by KevinUSSM