Photo Gallery: “Nor’Easter/Hurricane Teddy Swell”

The Outer Banks just received a 1-2 punch with a Nor'Easter AND Hurricane Teddy. Ten days of onshore winds (Nor'Easter) had already been carving sand dunes and shifting sandbars with choppy head+ high swell... then comes "Teddy"...a Hurricane Category 4 spinning out in the Atlantic near Bermuda before it headed North towards Nova Scotia. The good news: Teddy made a turn and didn't make landfall in our area. The bad news: LOTS of ocean over wash due to the combined swell of 15'+ surf, especially in the fragile areas such as Pea Island, S-Turns, Avon, Buxton and Frisco/Hatteras. This combo is not a normal thing, however, ocean over wash and flooding is. What's impressive is that both the wind swell AND the hurricane swell peaked almost at the same time. The ground swell from Teddy alone was impressive (14 feet at 17 seconds), especially for our area. When the swell finally peaked, it held steady for about a day and then quickly died, leaving one more day of really fun surf with less death defying consequences. A few of these photos were shot at Jennette's Pier during the ESA's Easterns surf competition which kicked off on "Big Wednesday". Photographers: Mike Leech, Adrian Dillenseger, Jon Carter, Jeffrey O'Neil, Epic Shutter Photography, NCDOT, Casey Robertson, Billy Mosely, Terry Mullikin, Steve Umphlett