Video: “ReCAPTURE” – Brett Barley

"reCAPTURE" is an action highlight reel of what is officially the wrap up of "SEASON 1" from Brett Barley's Vlog series. This from Brett's YouTube channel: - On March 1, 2018, I posted the first "Intro" Episode to the Vlog series. After over a year of doing weekly episodes, I decided to take a break and revamp things for what will soon be SEASON 2. Part of that revamp included putting together this video here... - I wanted a way to reminisce on all the epic waves, and epic moments, from over a year of Vlogging. I wanted to do a passion piece of sorts... To use whatever music I wanted (Punk Rock), and make an action edit like i use to! It took a LONG time to go through all the weeks of footage, and put it together in one video, so I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. - I appreciate all the support from those of you following the Blog, and wouldn't keep doing it if I wasn't enjoying sharing all of this with y'all. You're the ones who help keep this going! See you NEXT WEEK for the start of Season 2 :) - MUSIC: Lagwagon - "Obsolete Absolute" Lagwagon - "Owen Meany" - VIDEOGRAPHY: Real Watersports - Jeffrey O'Neil - O'Neill - Sam Moody - Connor Trimble - Satoshi Nakamura - Tomo McPherson : Ryan Moss - Tim Bonython - Jack Germain - Brent Bielmann - Bernt Bruns - Luke Cambell - Steven Michelsen -