10 Questions with Logan Marshall

Logan Marshall, an up-and-coming film maker from the Outer Banks, recently released "Abeyance" and has been turning heads for good reason.  He's been cranking out one good video after another... each one more polished than the last. Although he's still considered "new" to the game of surf film making, he's definitely got what it takes to bring it to the next level. We caught up with Logan and did a quick interview to see what's on his mind and where he's headed next... 1) How did you get started in film making Luck! Haha. I was shooting photos a lot because that was a cool thing to do (thanks to Clark Little). I actually got into the WPO, the World Photography Organization, and was invited to do their annual contest. I won a local contest and the surfalorus film festival asked me to make a film, I did and that year I won Carolina Surf Filmmaker of the Year. Since then I’ve been pretty busy. 2) What inspired you to make “Abeyance"? I had so much footage saved I felt like I needed to make something. I originally wanted to make a comedic short film called ‘The end of the world’ and have a narrator. After I realized that was kind of a soft topic I cut that idea. I decided to start learning more and more about editing and different styles and techniques. Even came up with a few of my own tricks. It very slowly grew into Abeyance. 3) Who was the standout surfer that seemed to link up with you best? or who would you like to capture on your next film? For this video it's between Bo Raynor and Nick Marshall. While I was in Hawaii, Nick was on fire. He lost his sponsor and I think that kind of lit a fire under him and he went on a hot streak. The kid landed like four different flips in just a few days. When I came home, Bo was on a hot streak. He surfed for like two months straight during quarantine and managed to consistently get clips. 5) What was the deciding factor in filming in Hawaii and the Outer Banks? After being in Hawaii for a bit in 2019 I knew I wanted to go back for most of the winter. I didn’t really have a film in mind at that point, was just trying to get and sell footage. After quarantine it was so good at home for so long and I finally sat back and realized I had a ton of unreleased footage. 6) If you could pick 3 surfers and one location for your next film, who would they be and where would you go? Bo Raynor, Nick Marshall, Luke Gordon, Gabe Morvil, Caroline Marks. I think that’s a bit over three but that was hard to decide so I’d hire a producer to pick thst one haha. I think we would probably go to Portugal because of the variety of waves and applicability for different styles. 7) What have been your biggest challenges as a film maker? Probably just being judged for my age. I’m thankful and lucky enough to not have had many challenges but there have been instances where I have been looked at differently because I’m young. 8) Any travel tips from this last film? Where a mask. 9) Who are some of your favorite film makers and why? Taylor Steele, Morgan Maassen and Layne Stratton. I think everyone that's ever filmed surfing would probably list Taylor Steele as their #1 so that's pretty obvious. I really like Morgan's perspective with what he does, it's all about color and motion which I think is cool and he's a genius behind the lens. Layne is just a modern day surf genius. He has a way of making about anything interesting to watch. 10) What’s next for Logan Marshall???? I have no clue. I’m doing some classes right now to learn about screenwriting to do the real stuff but after this video released I’ve had a lot of really good feedback. Maybe a feature film with the same style and more collaboration? I guess we’ll see what happens!  

“Since the beginning of 2020 I’ve been studying how certain things affect the brain while watching a video. I created a formula that I used in this video that includes color schemes, sonic effects and movement, framing, and more which is now known as Eyewonsea Cinema.” – Logan Marshall

For Logan's latest release, click HERE.

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