“Extreme Outer Banks Weather Photographs” – Gallery 1

If you are a weather junkie like us, chances are, you are drawn into the Outer Banks by it's purest forms of nature. Whether it's a peaceful sunset painted across the sky, a heat lighting display over the ocean's horizon or a viscous sideways rain squall from the force of a hurricane, it's undeniable in it's every right. Some are afraid of it, some can't understand it and others have it running through their veins like an addictive drug. Lucky for us "weather junkies", it happens throughout the year and sometimes when you least expect it. Capturing these unreal moments on camera are not easy either. In some cases, the photographers put themselves in danger to get "the shot". That's part of the allure. Some like the "risk/reward" and others simply like to be out in the elements. Either way, nature can be a humbling, beautiful thing that the Outer Banks offers with endless supply. Below is our first "gallery" of amazing moments that happen on this magical little sandbar we call home. For more amazing photographs, make sure  you click on the photographer's website link below.   Rick Anderson_summer-tstorms-avalon-pier_2 "Summer Thunderstorms at Avalon Pier, Kill Devil Hills, NC". Photographer: Rick Anderson   Visit his website HERE.   Ryan Diegelman_5 "The Sea Ranch Resort, Kill Devil Hills, NC". Photographer: Ryan Diegelman / Coastal Shots Photography   Visit his website HERE.   Matt Lusk_Sound Freeze_021615_1 "Soundside Freeze in February, 2015". Photographer: Matt Lusk / Matt Lusk Photography   Visit his website HERE.   Mikey Sabadic_4 "Nor'Easter Damage to Kitty Hawk Beach Road". Photographer: Mikey Sabadic   Visit his Instagram HERE.   Jeanne Marie DeStefano_1 "Frontal system moving through". Photographer: Jeanne-Marie DeStefano   Visit her Facebook account HERE.   2M_Lighthouse Sun "Lighthouse Sun". Photographer: Mickey McCarthy   Visit his Facebook account HERE.   Ryan Rhodes_2 "Whiteout at Kitty Hawk Pier". Photographer: Ryan Rhodes   Visit his Facebook account HERE.   Susan Ogden_2016 Super Sunday Storm "Kitty Hawk Beach Road (looking North) after Super Sunday 2016 Storm". Photographer: Susan Ogden   Visit her Website  HERE.   DVO_Buxton Spit "Buxton Spit". Photographer: Bob Hovey   Visit his Facebook Page  HERE.   Do you have a few photos you'd like to submit? If so, please email them to [email protected]