Video: “Vintage Outer Banks Surfing, Mid 60’s” – Jim Bunch / Scott Busbey

Just recently released, this video showcases surfing in the Outer Banks back in the mid 60's. Thanks to Scott Busbey for posting online! NOTE: There's no audio for most of the video and when you hear's The Doors. Cheers! "This video was shot by Jim Bunch in 1966 mostly at the Kitty Hawk Pier. Jim gave me permission to post this. At 6:08 there is a girl crashing an old Jacobs into the beach and I am reconditioning that board right now (major job) and that is how I came across this. The Weber Team is out surfing and was doing an East Coast Tour at that time. You will see several sequences of Dewey riding a red railed tri stringer. My best guess is that the waves are from Hurricane Faith which passed by in late August 1966. There is someone on a Hobie and my best guess is it's Mickey Munoz. There is a sequence of him holding a license plate @ 9:15. Jim talked about how Gov Anderson would let you park at the beach if you bought a license plate from him for $10 at it was good all year. Around 10:08 there is a noticeably hollower wave and shortly after the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is in the view. Right after that the sequence is down in Frisco and it looks like Frisco breaks today. At 13:20 the rest of the video is taken down in South Florida where Jim went to school at the U. My best guess on the waves is somewhere in Palm Beach due to the pier and the ship in the background. Jim couldn't remember where. If anyone remembers speak up. At the end some footage from one of the piers in Florida. For an insight into the Weber tour go to . Jim does say he remembers someone else taking video on the pier at the same time probably Jamie Budge." - Scott Busby