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Corolla Surf Report 10/21/2018

Last Update: October 21, 2018
Time: 10:30 am
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Hello! Somebody hit the thermostat and lowered the temp. The OBX is experiencing a North to Northwest wind blowing at 27 to 30 mph. The swell is hitting the beach at a 40-degree angle. Of course, it is very choppy out of the seas. Wave height is only kneecap to waist high, plus there is a very strong side-shore current north to south. (1st time I’m using this term for the fall season): Wind chill is in the low 40’s: GARY, COROLLA SURF SHOP
Surf Break
SwellNE, E & SE
WindNW, W, SW
What's Nearby?
EatsCheck out Agave Rova for your Mexi fix or the Crafty Cow for a burg and craft beer, Mike Dianna’s Grill Room and North Banks are standards, hit ‘em up