Lee’s Lil Shore Breakers

Lee’s Lil’ Shore Breakers hit the Outer Banks for it’s 1st annual surf camp in the summer of 2013. The camp, started in Va Beach in 2012, honors the memory of Lee Terrell and carries the spirit of the love of the ocean and surfing to local kids in need. We’ve embraced the camp as a way of growing the sport and supporting our local community and local children. Thanks to a team of volunteers who make the camp truly possible, we host up to 15 local kids offering them the experience of a lifetime, learning the sport of surfing & growing friendships in and out of the water. There is never a shortage of smiles and by day two nearly all shredders are paddling & dropping into waves totally unassisted. Special thanks to our past sponsors Tropical Smoothie Cafe’, Slice Pizzeria, Subway, Jersey Mikes Subs, Booty Treats Ice Cream, Corolla Surf Shop, Kitty Hawk Kites and the NC Aquarium for grubbing us out on great eats & treats! Stay tuned to www.OBXsurfinfo.com for more information on next seasons camp.

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Below are some videos and photos from some of our previous camps!

Lee’s Lil’ Shorebreakers surf camp that was held back in July was a complete success. It was our 3rd year in a row. So many smiling faces, volunteers and sponsors made this 3-day event one of the most cherished events for the campers all year. This year was extra special. Thanks to the community and all the incredible sponsors and volunteers, the campers not only experienced a healthy and fun sport, they took home a bag full of shwag AND… their very own surfboard that they had been riding during the 3 days of camp. (Watch the video and you’ll see their reaction!)

Below is a video posted and edited by Anthony Leone that showcases this awesome event:

Lee’s 2015 from Anthony Leone on Vimeo.

Below are a bunch of photos that were taken over the course of the 3-day surf camp:

We’d like to give a HUGE shout out to our sponsors that made this event extra special.

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Lee’s Lil’ Shore Breakers Surf Camp 2014


2014 marks the 2nd year that Lee’s Lil’ Shore Breakers surf camp went down right here on the Outer Banks.  It started off with solid chest high glassy waves on the first day of camp which was a bit intimidating (as an instructor) to teach kids in these conditions but that didn’t stop these campers from giving it their best shot. With big set waves and lots of current in the trough, it was tough but everyone got to learn really fast how powerful the ocean can be and how much respect it deserves. Lessons were learned and some kids were already standing up so by the end of day one, it was smiles all around.

The second day was MUCH more manageable as conditions were smaller and the sandbar was shallower. Luckily for everyone, the water was nice and clear and really warm. It was just about as good as it could get and all the campers were ready to charge. You could tell by this point we had a couple kids hooked on this sport. With more volunteers than day 1, it was a breeze and we accomplished quite a bit — getting just about everyone of our campers to stand up and ride waves for their first time.

Day 3 was the best day by far. Everyone was charging and nobody wanted to leave the water. We accomplished everything we set out to do — and that was to introduce the sport of surfing to someone so that they can appreciate it for the rest of their lives. Mission accomplished as some campers commented:

“I want a surfboard for my birthday!” – camper

“I want to become a professional surfer when I grow up” – camper

…and my personal favorite:

“I’m going to surf for the rest of my life”

The proof these campers had a ball is right here in this video. enjoy.


Thank you Sponsors



“Lee’s Lil Shore Breakers” Surf Camp 2013 Recap

July 30 – October 1st, 2013 – Lee’s Lil’ Shore Breakers hit the Outer Banks at Jennette’s Pier located in Nags Head, NC. Jamie LaVier and Brent Nultemeier, along with many awesome volunteers and spectators joined together to give 15 local kids an experience of a lifetime. Opening up their minds to the sport of surfing was the goal and every kid in the camp learned how to surf by day 2. On the 3rd day, most of them were paddling in on their own – completely unassisted. There were no shortage of smiles in and out of the water. Thanks to a handful of sponsors, we had lunch provided each day by Tropical Smoothie Cafe’, Slice Pizzeria and Subway along with awesome schwa bags for these kids packed with all kinds of goodies thanks to the generous donations of Corolla Surf Shop, Kitty Hawk Kites and the NC Aquarium! To all of the volunteers who got involved, we would like to give you a big THANK YOU!!! Due to the fun factor of this camp, we look forward to putting this on again in 2014. Stay tuned to www.OBXsurfinfo.com for more information.

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Filmed by: Brent Nultemeier & Clint Davis
Edited by: Clint Davis
Music: G. Love & Special Sauce (feat Jack Johnson)

About Lee’s Lil Shore Breakers:

Lee’s Lil Shore Breakers is a Non-Profit that was founded by all of Lee’s friends and family, we all wanted to make sure that Lee will never be forgotten. Lee lived with his dad Nelson Terrell in Northern Neck during the school year and during the summer he lived with his mom and stepdad Jean and Brian Brackins in VA Beach. The summer that he turned 11, we sent him to surf camp and he loved it. Lee’s nick- name was shore break for the first few years until he finally got the nerve to paddle out to where the better waves would break. Brian would get up just about every morning and drive him and his friends down to the beach and Lee was always the first one in and the last one out, he would never rest, he wanted to be the best, he dreamed of being a pro. Between the summer of Lee’s 8th and 9th year of school he moved to VA Beach and lived with us year round, I would love to say it was because he missed us, but it was the beach and the waves that he wanted to be near. As he and his friends got older and could ride their bikes to the beach holding their boards we hardly ever saw him, but we always knew were he was. He and his friends grew up but never grew apart and any free time they had would be spent at the beach surfing as long as the waves were there. On August 25, 2011, I received a text from Lee telling me he was meeting Michael and Jimmy…the waves were ok, but they wanted to get some surfing in before the beaches were shut down due to Hurricane Irene. My last words to him were have fun, please be careful and I love you….At 6:30 I received a call telling me that something had happened to Lee and they were working on him at the beach, I needed to come right away, before I could get down to the beach, I received another call to go to VA Beach General, that is were he was pronounced dead. As usual Lee was the first one out in the water that day and when he got on his board he decided to do a barrel roll, he was not aware there was a high sandbar right under him. As he rolled the board his head hit the sand with enough force that he broke his neck and went into cardiac arrest….he died doing what he loved. We have formed Lee’s Lil Shore Breakers to honor my son Lee Terrell and to teach children from the ages of 10 to 12 to surf. We will be working with at risk children that come from one parent homes and do not have anyone to guide them down the right road. We are a Non-Profit organization and will be donating our own time and money to help these children, but we will need your help with this too. We are asking for donations…every little bit helps…and since we are a federally recognized non-profit with a tax ID number your donation will be tax-deducible. Make checks out to Lee’s Lil’ Shore Breakers, & mail them to Towne Bank, 600 22nd Street, Va. Beach, VA 23451, attn: Teller Line. The tax ID number is 35-2434632. Thank you for your help and remember….Ride every wave like its your last!

– Jean Brackins