Videos: “OBX Raw Sessions” – Anthony Leone

Anthony Leone just recently released some “raw clips” of some surfing on the Outer Banks. Below are (3) recently posted videos for your quarantine pleasure. For more YouTube action, subscribe to Anthony’s YouTube page HERE:

OBX Raw Swell Video 10-14-17
Mike Zeiner, Nathan Klemstine, Chris and Nick McKee, John Williams, Chad Morris, Noah Fielder

Obx Raw Session 3-21-19
Mike Zeiner, Dan Cera, Chris Hodges, Noah Fiedler, Cyrus Lewis, Hans Hoffe, and Twig take on a big early spring low pressure system at a notorious shore break spot deep on the outer banks of North Carolina

OBX Raw Swell Video 4-21-19
Somewhere on the sand bar Raw Clips featuring Mike Zeiner, Scott Brown, Ruan Swart, Jeremy Heady, Nick Shucet, and Katlyn Tuttle

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