Photo Gallery: “Lorenzo Swell” – Mike Leech Photography

When someone says “as good as it gets” or “epic” or “all-time, it certainly gets your attention. Mike Leech was on the scene during the early October Lorenzo swell with plenty of photos that match those descriptions. Pumping swell, endless barrels all day, warm water & sunshine with only a few guys out? Hello Outer Banks in the fall. That’s why we love this freakin’ place.

Surfers include: Mikey Mausteller, Andrew Kipper, Bo Raynor, Cal Ramsay, Dillon Pratt, Fred Nahas, Jesse Hines, Jesse Raynor, John Joyce, Josh Beveridge, Kali Emery, Max Lingg, Nathaniel @natedawgy and Ross Byrd.

All photos: Mike Leech Photography. @mikeleechphoto

And now for the goods…………

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