Logan Marshall Releases “Episode 1 – Outer Banks Winter” TONIGHT AT 8:30pm

If you’re not familiar with Logan Marshall, he is an up-and-coming local Outer Banks videographer that’s making waves in the surf film industry. He has won the “Carolina Surf Filmmaker” in 2017 and then in 2018, we won the “Emerging Filmmaker and Carolina Pioneer” award. His latest notable project “Outer” was released and premiered on the Outer Banks in July, 2018. It is a documentary of the surfing community here on the Outer Banks starring: Jesse Hines, Bo Raynor, Quentin Turko, Lynn Shell, also featuring: Micha Cantor, Lucas Rogers, Brett Barley and friends. . You can watch the trailer by clicking HERE.

He’s at it again with a new release that’s getting ready to drop tonight at 8:30pm EST on his YouTube channel.

His new release “Episode 1 – Outer Banks Winter” will be viewable below at 8:30pm, Thursday, January 24th, 2019.

In the midst of releasing his new series on YouTube (and getting ready to graduate high school tomorrow), Logan answered 11 questions that give you a snapshot of what’s going on in the day and the life of a film maker.

1) Was there a particular event or time that you recognized that filmmaking was not just a hobby, but that it would be your life passion?

Probably after my first ever film premier, the feeling was unforgettable and I knew I wanted to make more because it was so much fun and it was really cool to see so many people from the community come together to watch my work.

2) What was the most important lesson you had to learn that has had a positive effect on your work? How did that lesson happen?

It isn’t about your equipment or the money you’ve put into it. It’s about your creativity, how well you can do it and your relationships with people you are working with. Once I figured this out I think I got a lot better, I worked with what I had and made it work.

3) What makes a film great for you? Are there certain qualities that make a film better for you?

Something that makes a film great, in my opinion, is if it connects with the audience. I think if people can relate to what they are watching they will enjoy it better.

4) What films have been the most inspiring or influential to you and why?

Pretty much every Taylor Steele movie honestly, the guy is a genius. He worked with what he had and created history. Now that he is at the top of the mountain, he has a lot of fun and continues to shock everyone.

5) Out of all the short edits and movies that have been published by other film makers, What do you do to keep it fresh?

I try to mesh everyone’s interests into one. If you find a common interest from each audience and focus on those, more people will enjoy it and remember it. Another thing that has kept things fresh is who I work with. I work with the guys that are my age and up and coming, people are interested and excited to watch the progress.

6) Who are some stand-out surfers that you enjoy working with? And why?

Well the first surfer that I really worked with was Jesse Hines, without him I’m not sure where my work would be; definitely not where it is today. He has a way of coaching everyone around him in every sense without you even knowing it. Aside from Jesse, I am really lucky to work directly with Bo Raynor. In my opinion he is one of the best surfers on the East Coast. He has variety, power, and everything else in the package. Go watch him surf and compare it to Andy Irons, it’s incredible. Working with Bo has introduced me to guys like Gabe Morvil, Micha Cantor, and Luke Gordon who are all some of the highest talent on the East Coast and I enjoy it so much because they are so driven to get better but they have fun doing it.

7) It takes a lot of time and dedication to be a recognized film maker… all of which equates to your success thus far. What failures (of your own) have you been able to learn from along the way? How did they change you and your process?

Every artist can relate to me on this one. You go through funks where your creativity juices aren’t flowing and you can’t figure out what to do. If you let that get to you, that is when you fail. I don’t think you can really fail in this form of work unless you put something out that you don’t like, then you failed yourself. That’s the biggest thing I deal with, the best way I’ve figured out to learn from it is figure out what is going to get you stoked so you can keep working at the best of your ability.

8) After getting recognized as the 2017 Carolina Surf Filmmaker of the Year, what was going through your head in terms of making another film?

To me, it’s not even a question. I know I am going to make more and hopefully have success. I know I want to work with this generation and show their talent in progress, that’s about as much as I can give away without giving out my ideas. I definitely plan to have another movie out this Summer and I have one planned for a few years down the road that I am working on.

9) Besides surfing, are there other subjects or sports that you have an interest in capturing on film?

Definitely, I at least want to try some other things. I’ve thought about a skate video and things like that. My friend showed me a snowboard movie called ‘The Art of Flight’ which was really cool and I think it would be fun to do something like that. But at the end of the day, there is nothing like working hand-in-hand with mother nature.

10) Is there anyone you would like to thank or who have supported you throughout your filmmaking journey?

I wish I could thank everyone! Of course my parents and my sister for really helping me along the way, always being another set of eyes, pushing me, and everything else that families do. Nathan Greenlee for sparking my interest in the sport and helping me find my passion. Lynn Shell for working as hard as he can to help me and support me with everything I’ve done. Jesse Hines for seriously everything, introducing me to people and putting my foot through the door of this industry. Jon Carter for always shooting with me and helping me learn the industry…
Man, so many more I could go on forever! All of my friends and family that support me and help me, can’t thank everyone enough.

11) Last but not least, Do you have any advice you can give to up and coming film makers that you wish was given to you earlier in your career?

Have fun with it. Don’t worry about doing it for the check, those are the guys that aren’t as successful because they aren’t passionate about it, they are just worried about a job. If you have fun with it and work as hard as you can, you will be the one getting paid before you know it.