Photo Gallery: “Wicked Weather on the Outer Banks”

One thing is for certain, change is constant on the Outer Banks. Either you’re a weather junkie like us and love it, or you’d rather slither back into your haven and watch from a safe distance. We’ve collected another grouping of photos that were taken over the last several years illustrating just how moody the Outer Banks can be.  With it’s shifty sandbars and extreme vulnerability to all that the Atlantic offers, here’s a collection of photos taken by a handful of photographers in and around the Outer Banks showcasing the extreme weather conditions. If you have some great photos that you’d like to share, email them to [email protected] and if used, we’ll send you a coupon code for 1 free annual premium membership.

Photographers include: Mickey McCarthy, Jenni Koontz, Brent Nultemeier, Corey Schaible, Jon Carter, Susan Ogden, Ryan Diegelmann, Rick Anderson, Ray Matthews, and Mikey Sabadic

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