Photo Gallery: “March 28 BIG Wednesday Swell”

Solid surf would seem to be the norm as we round out the month of March. It’s been an incredibly active pre-spring season with swell after swell after swell. Today pretty much put the exclamation point on it with the Atlantic delivering 8-12′ NE swell @ 15.5 seconds WITH offshore winds. Not very often does it line up like that throughout a given year. Some sets were breaking an estimated 300+ yards out. Below is a screenshot of our Kitty Hawk forecast:

Today was a day where most simply witnessed from the sidelines while only a handful paddled out… or used a ski for an assist. A few braved the 37+ duck-dive paddle out in freezing 44 degree water temps. Of those in Kitty Hawk were Matt Lusk, Quentin Turko, Lucas Jolly, and Ken Baittinger. The lucky few who had a jet ski assist was Noah Snyder, Drew Meredith, Michael Meredith and Lee Collins. No other surfers were spotted North or South from where these photos were taken. All photos: Brent Nultemeier


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