Video: “Dual Perspectives” – Brett Barley

January 2018 has not let us down. If you’ve been paying attention from our previous posts, you’ll agree that there has been no shortage of swell making activity in the Atlantic. Videographer Jeffrey O’Neil and surfer/editor Brett Barley team up again and deliver an incredible 10 minute video showcasing some A+ barrels at the Lighthouse in Buxton. It just never gets old.  This from Brett Barley:

January was a banger for swell along Cape Hatteras, NC. We kicked off the New Year with a fun afternoon of lined up chest high tubes in the snow, then Winter Storm Grayson arrived providing some incredible (yet challenging) surf which was highlighted in an edit on my Facebook. After that… things just kept rolling, days of surprising conditions providing pumping waves with no one around, and days enjoyed with a crew of good friends pumping through endless barrels. Day after Day it kept going, and on January 30/31 we saw our last hoorah for the month…. But at the end of it I realized there was too much footage to cram into 1min instgram edits, or 1 short youtube video. So here’s 10min of lefthand tubes spent at my homebreak. If you don’t enjoy watching barrel after barrel, then don’t hit play… but if you care to sit down to a feast of below sea level grinders from both my perspective, and that of Jeffrey O’Neil (filming), ENJOY! Videography: Jeffrey O’Neil Additional Footage: Ryan Simalchik Edit: Brett Barley