Photo Gallery: “Lighthouse Session on Jan. 30, 2018” – Epic Shutter Photography

Yesterday the Atlantic lit up with plenty of swell and only a handful of surfers went out at the Lighthouse to score some A+ barrels. Jenni Koontz from Epic Shutter Photography spent some time on the beach and snapped over 1,000 photos. Below are some of our favorites that capture some of the action.

Here’s  what Jenni had to say about yesterday:

January 30, 2018, today was mental. Definitely a day for the pro’s in the water! I am speechless after spending four hours freezing on the beach. Each hour the lighting and waves were insanely better. The super blue blood moon came out late in the evening as the sun was setting. For anyone who came out and put on an incredible show, thank you! Feel free to download and share the images and tag @EpicShutterPhotography on social media. Grab a cup of coffee and turn on some mellow music and watch a slideshow of each wave with the pro’s as if you were there!

To view more photos from this session and order prints from Epic Shutter Photography, go to the link below. Click on the image you want and the green “buy photos” tab above the image and the site will walk you through cropping and such for various sizes. Final prints delivered without the logo, logo is for viewing purposes only. 

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