Cobia Fishing Through the Eyes of Tilford Smith

Fishing is hands down one of the best things you can do here on the Outer Banks. With inshore and offshore options, the variety of fish and the unlimited terrain can keep you busy for a lifetime. Lately, the Cobia bite just started kicking in and the local boys are all over it. Below is a story told from a local surfer/fisherman Tilford Smith who clocks plenty of time in and on the water….

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Photo: from left to right: Ian Froelich, Tilford Smith, Ken Battinger & Caleb Chik

The cobia fishing yesterday was incredible. Sorry for the long report, this day deserved it. The wind was relentless and I had little faith the forecast would hold and it would lay out in the afternoon. After little action and a constant 20-25 mph NW wind I decided to go in. Nearing the inlet I hesitated and Ian convinced me to make one more loop. Not long into that loop we came across a pair of Cobia and got the bigger fish to eat. We put a 60+ pounder in the boat and that bought us some patience. After seeing a few more we got a text, big thanks to Jaime Furr, I knew I could trust his report and I called Zac Coyle, thanks zac, and heard all I needed to hear. I put the bow of Huck Fin down and plowed as fast as I could comfortably. Found the pretty change and once we got into that 70.6 degree clean water it was game on for four hours. With just two of us, we had three triples, ten doubles and a bunch of singles. Gotta say Ian Froelich flat out got it done today. We were seeing wolfpacks of ten, twelve, twenty…some of the packs were all solid fish. The number of quality fish was flat out awesome. This day was special because early season like this it was only local boys out there, and when it is only Local boys…well, let me just say that manners on the water go a long way….pretty work boys…one day I will never forget. All afternoon I would look over and see Kevin Clark and Jaime hooked up, Matt Lusk stopped, Dave Lusk with his clients having the day of their lives, Zac Coyle doin what he always does, and Corey Schiable in a boat with no tower with his three man limit. Ended the evening around 4:45 and left em biting…just had enough…finished with 36 total caught and saw over 100. If I never see another day like that I am fine with it. This day wont be forgotten….. Ian Froelich….damn fine work my friend!!! – Tilford Smith

Saw a lot, caught a lot. Fun day of sight fishing! — with Ken Baittinger and Caleb Chik – Matt Lusk

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