The 2017 Old Boogie Bash went down April 15th on Hatteras Island

The event started as an idea after years of social media banter about getting the original East Coast boogie squad together for a reunion.  Eric Anderson eventually decided to put an end to all the talk and set the reunion date on a Facebook post that spawned plenty of calling out and discussion from the East Coast Bodyboarding community. The Facebook thread turned into a heated discussion on what would happen if we were actually competing and some friendly rivalry challenges were brought up. So Eric called Bob Hovey up to ask if he could help put together a competition on the reunion date and the contest was established.  Through Bob’s business, DVO, he helped get the word out.

They called their old rival Jay Reale to get involved.  Jay was the first East Coast pro and is the owner of, the largest online bodyboarding store in the world.  Jay agreed to sponsor the event, donate some prizes, and help spread the word that East Coast bodyboarding is alive and well.

Willy Sanders, through his business Ten 0 Six Restaurant in Kill Devil Hills, put together  an amazing spread of food to keep the competitors and judges stoked and the event rolling without any delays. Willy is an OG booger who is on it every time it is throwing barrels. DVO and Ed Miles from Scott Burke Bodyboards kicked in some prizes and boards as well to round out the sponsors.  Eric and Kelly Hogan came up with the idea of using cafeteria treys with sponsor and event logos for the trophies.  The cafeteria trey was the original poor mans boogie. Kelly Hogan donated the treys.  High Five Hand Planes jumped in as a last minute sponsor and donated a custom hand plane to the winner as well.

They decided to keep the event mobile and find the best shorebreak spot the Outer Banks had to offer. At first light Bob Hovey checked all the shorebreak spots in town while Eric spotted out Hatteras Island.  They decided to set up on Hatteras Island and were greeted with light wind and clean chest high barreling waves. 41 competitors signed up from New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and Puerto Rico.   Although southerly/ side shore winds steadily picked up throughout the event and a rain squall set in on the last three preliminary heats of the main event, the waves continued to pump. Two riders from the stacked 6 man heats of the main event advanced to the semifinals. Everyone had a great time and stuck around till the end.

Photo Credit: Evan Foster.  @boogidaddy123

Results posted below the photos:

IMG_8537 IMG_8549 IMG_8548 IMG_8547 IMG_8546 IMG_8545 IMG_8544 IMG_8543 IMG_8542 IMG_8539 IMG_8538


Grom Finals

1st Ryder Dudley

2nd David Clark

3rd Nate Aldea

Main Event

Semi 1

1st Austin Dalton

2nd Mike Zeiner

3rd Frankie Collins

4th Cyrus Lewis

5th Eric Drexler

Semi 2

1st Billy Andersen

2nd Chris Crockett

3rd Jeff Myers

4th Juan Carlos Gerena

5th Chuck White

Main Event Final

1st Austin Dalton- Fla

2nd Chris Crockett- NC

3rd Billy Andersen- Fla

4th Mike Zeiner- Va

5th Jeff Myers- Nc

6th Frankie Collins- Va

Grand Master Finals(46 and up)

1st Ray Pierce

2nd Eric Anderson

3rd Bob Hovey

4th Chuck White

5th Evan Foster

6th Kelly Hogan

7th Fred Marcial

There are already plans for a Old Boogie Bash 2. Stay tuned to for details.

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