Photo Gallery: “2017 January Nor’Easter Swell” (26 pics)

This last swell had it’s moments but not too many are complaining. 4-5 days of rip-able surf offered everything from fun waist to chest high clean swell all the way up to serious waves of consequence. Water temperatures were in the mid to upper 40’s in town with slightly warmer water South of Oregon Inlet. Winds were favorable at times and the swell grew to several feet overhead. Below are a few pictures that were taken throughout this swell event. Photographers: Bruce Jones, Crew Hayes, Erik Schub, Graham Hunt & Ian Cross.


Graham Hunt-02Bruce Jones_Benny B Ian Cross-15 Ian Cross-14 Ian Cross-13 Ian Cross-12 Ian Cross-11 Ian Cross-10 Ian Cross-09 Ian Cross-08 Ian Cross-07 Ian Cross-06 Ian Cross-05 Ian Cross-04 Ian Cross-03 Ian Cross-02 Ian Cross-01 Graham Hunt-01 Erik Schub-03 Erik Schub-02 Erik Schub-01 Crew Hayes-04 Crew Hayes-03 Crew Hayes-02 Crew Hayes-01 Bruce Jones_Cory Lopez Bruce Jones_Cody Thompson

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