Video: “Favored to Return” – Brett Barley’s Global Compilation

Local Outer Banks surfer Brett Barley is setting the bar pretty high and we’re not just talking about his surfing. His editing skills are just as admirable. Never a dull moment on his latest video release. This video shows an assortment of heavy barrels and aerial assaults that span the globe. It wouldn’t surprise us to see Brett’s video skills landing him some interesting travel jobs in the near future.

This from Brett Barley:
“At the time of editing this back during the summer… it was about a year and some change worth of footage. Either footage I never put out, or footage that was in part of an edit with other surfers. I wanted to show that no matter how much I travel, or the places I get to go, nothing feels quite as good as coming home and scoring waves.

I’ve never made a long edit before… So when a website asked for an edit for a feature they were doing, I thought it’d be fun to put everything I had together instead of in the bits and pieces it was prior. I really would like to dedicate 1 year to filming for something like this, with planned destinations and whatnot…”


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