Photo Gallery: “Hurricane Nicole Swell Event on Oct. 17 & 18”

Once Hurricane Matthew took a hike, the skies cleared up, the flooding started to recede and businesses and homeowners were getting back to normalcy as quickly as they could. Meanwhile, out in the Atlantic, Matthew’s fickle girlfriend “Nicole” was spinning dangerously towards Bermuda as a Category 3 causing damaging winds and major power outages. Thankfully, it was all swell and no damage for the Outer Banks.

The Outer Banks started to see ground swell filling in over the weekend and the recipe for perfect clean surf and sunny skies unfolded. Solid ground swell started to show Monday with clean chest to head+ conditions, building throughout the day. By early evening, the incoming tide really turned it on. That was the warm up session. Tuesday was “the day” with mostly overhead sets and bigger barrels. Water temperatures were a comfortable 68 in town and the ocean became the ultimate playground. I’ve heard a few people claiming it to be “one of the best days” of the year.  (6-8′ ENE @ 14.3 seconds with light SW winds). I would have to agree. See for yourself… below are a bunch of photos taken Monday and Tuesday that are floating around social media. Photographers include: Anthony Leone, Chris Hannant, Corey Shaible, Cyndi Goetcheus Sarfan, Dawn Gray Moraga, Ian Cross, Jared Jennings, Marcus Holman, Mickey McCarthy, Nathaniel Harrington and Brent Nultemeier.

Below is a chart showing Hurricane Nicole’s path and our forecast model a few days before the swell event unfolded.


2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-1 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-2 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-3 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-4 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-5 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-6 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-7 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-9 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-10 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-11 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-12 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-13 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-14 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-15 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-16 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-17 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-18 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-19 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-20 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-21 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-22 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-23 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-24 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-25 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-26 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-27 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-28 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-29 2016_nicole-swell_nultemeier-30 anthony-leone chris-hannant corey-shaible cyndi-goetcheus-sarfan_1 cyndi-goetcheus-sarfan2 cyndi-goetcheus-sarfan3 cyndi-goetcheus-sarfan4 dawn-gray-moraga_1 dawn-gray-moraga_2 dawn-gray-moraga_3 dawn-gray-moraga_4 dawn-gray-moraga_5 dawn-gray-moraga_6 ian-cross-01 ian-cross-02 ian-cross-03 ian-cross-06 ian-cross-07 ian-cross-08 ian-cross-09 ian-cross-10 ian-cross-11 ian-cross-12 ian-cross-13 ian-cross-14 ian-cross-15 ian-cross-16 ian-cross_1 ian-cross_2 ian-cross_3 ian-cross_4 jared-jennings marcus-holman_brett-barley marcus-holman_cody-thompson mickey-mccarthy_01 mickey-mccarthy_02 mickey-mccarthy_03 mickey-mccarthy_04_casey-hughes-byrum mickey-mccarthy_05_john-jones mickey-mccarthy_06_nohea-futrell mickey-mccarthy_07_sterling-king mickey-mccarthy_08 mickey-mccarthy_09_dana-quinn nathaniel-harrington_quentin-turko

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