(Photo Gallery) Hurricane Matthew Dumps Massive Rain on the Outer Banks

Hurricane Matthew was in complete control and nobody could predict its path. Many were worried and for good reason. This storm has brought significant damage to the Outer Banks but not like you would think. Instead of storm surges on the oceanfront or soundside neighborhoods, the real story lies in communities in-between the highways and in surrounding communities. Many businesses & homes are under water and it’s all due to the already saturated ground water we’ve had from recent rainfall. The usual hurricane news is about storms that impact our beaches or soundside communities but this one is unusual in its own right. Hurricane Matthew has hit us where we least expected it. Below are some photos grabbed from social media showing Hurricane Matthew’s destruction. Photo credit: Annette Fermahin, Brittany Chenoweth, Byron Miller, Donna Barber, Gary Smith, Heather Patrice MacLean, Jamie Moore, Jeff Cargill, Matt Lusk, Michelle Brown Robertson, Mickey McCarthy, Miller’s Steakhouse, Sheila Foster Davies, Staci Hathaway, The Islander Motel Vanessa Fede, Ximena Foster.

annette-fermahin brittany-chenoweth_01 byron-miller donna-barber gary-smith heather-patrice-maclean jamie-moore_01 jamie-moore_01-jpg02 jeff-cargill matt-lusk_01 matt-lusk_02 matt-lusk_03 matt-lusk_04 matt-lusk_05 matt-lusk_06 michelle-brown-robertson mickey-mccarthy_01 mickey-mccarthy_02 mickey-mccarthy_03 mickey-mccarthy_04 mickey-mccarthy_05 mickey-mccarthy_06 mickey-mccarthy_07 millers-steakhouse sheila-foster-davies staci-hathaway_01 staci-hathaway_02 the-islander-motel vanessa-fede_01 ximena-foster_01

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