“A Note About Climate Change…” – Dr. Jeff Hanson

climate-changeI am not a political activist. I have nothing derogatory to say about any candidate nor to any group of supporters. I practice science. I have enjoyed an amazing opportunity to measure and study the earth during my 32-year career in oceanography. Although we have only scratched the surface in understanding this incredible planet, here are some irrevocable truths substantiated by thousands of investigations, including data that I have analyzed myself:


1. The earth is warming
2. Sea level is rising
3. Our use of fossil fuels has accelerated the above

Unfortunately, there are other adverse changes that appear well correlated to the above, including coral reef loss, record hurricanes, flooding, insects, drought, wild fires, etc. I have no expertise in these areas, but deductive reasoning leads to a cause and effect conclusion.

Regardless of race, religion, and political views we all must work together on this problem.
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Dr. Jeff Hanson
a.k.a. ‘WaveMan’

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