Video: “Straight From Mars” – Joey Dwyer

In early February, a winter storm kicked up some pretty insane conditions for the entire East Coast. Some are claiming it to be one of the largest swells ever ridden on the Outer Banks. At the very least, history was made and this day will go down in the memory banks for a long time. The buoys at one point read 19.4ft @ 17 seconds. To put that into perspective, our swell systems generally max out at 10-15 feet with a 10-12 second period ground swell. This one was off the charts and conditions were solid all day. Several brave surfers paddled their way into the line up while others used a jet ski for assistance. Either way, it was massive and wasn’t easy.

“Straight From Mars”
was shot and edited by Joey Dwyer. Surfers in this short video include: Raven Lundy, Noah Snyder, Colin Herlihy, Jesse Hines, Fisher Heverly and Carl Dieter

Straight From Mars from Joey Dwyer on Vimeo.