Video: “Welcome To the Neighborhood” – Burgers World

Now that the end of January is here, we’ve had our fair share of cold water here on the Outer Banks and many have made the voyage South in search for warm waves and plenty of barrels. Juan Carlos Gerena, Bryan Laide, Hector Santamaria, Anthony Lopez, Raul Orosz, Seth Barrick and Carlos Cabrero are featured in this video shot entirely on the North Coast of Puerto Rico through the month of January, 2016.

This from the editor, Anthony Leone:
“The surf has been nonstop everyweek and we have been out the door and shooting at 5:30am every morning. The vicious winter storms hitting the East coast have kept pumping swell down here to us!” Dvo is just finishing up their trip here this video just has Burger and Seth but Dallas Tolson is spending two extra weeks here so we’ll be putting out DVO edit soon.”

Welcome To the Neighborhood from Burgers World on Vimeo.

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