Video: “Jonas Brothers” – Shane Moore

2016 Winter Storm Jonas is still at it today delivering an arctic blast to states up North. The Outer Banks finally got a blanket of snow last night but the biggest story here is the amount of swell that was produced. Yesterday was the first surf-able day with waves in the head high to several feet over head range, but if you wanted to surf, you had to face the elements. Not only was it a difficult paddle getting out, the air temperature was in the low 30’s with 30+ mph winds AND water temps in the upper 40’s. (insert ice cream headache here)

We posted a photo gallery from yesterday’s swell that you can view HERE. Shane Moore just released a video from yesterday’s highlights of Noah Snyder, Michael Meredith, and Raven Lundy (and one other) stepping off into some epic conditions.

Jonas Brothers from Shane Z Moore Productions on Vimeo.

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