275 Sea Turtles Stunned from Cold Weather – NC Aquarium Needs Your Help!

Stunned TurtlesAs of 4pm on Wednesday, January 6, Buster Nunemaker from The North Carolina Aquarium has stated that 275 sea turtles have been stunned from our recent cold snap in weather and desperately need your help. 232 turtles are already in the STAR Center (the turtle rehabilitation center at the NC Aquarium) and another 42 are on their way.

The NC Aquarium needs bath towels, Rubbermaid totes of all sizes and of course money donations are accepted.

If you can help, please contact them at 252-475-2324.

The NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island is closed to the public until March, but will make sure you have a way to donate these items or $$ to a fund being set up by the NC Aquarium Society. Please check their Facebook page for recent updates HERE.

Other ways you can help troubled sea turtles is by contacting N.E.S.T. (Network For Endangered Sea Turtles). Call 252-441-8622 or visit their website HERE.

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