Recreational Fishing Report (Week Ending 12/12/15)

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OCEAN: Offshore action out of the Hatteras marinas continues to be good on the favorable weather days. Plenty of king mackerel continue to hit the docks with almost everyone catching a least one citation size specimen. Low-moderate amounts of blackfin tuna, wahoo, and dolphin have also been caught with a few citations of these as well. Bottom fishing in very deep water yielded a few triggerfish, vermillion snapper, and blackbelly rosefish. Offshore fishing out of the North marinas was not as productive with the same species caught in much lesser amounts. Nearshore fishing in Hatteras was almost non-existant, Northern area marinas caught a few striped bass with little else to report.

INLETS/SOUNDS/BAYS: Anglers fishing out of Hatteras had very little to report with activity being very low. Fishing in these waters from Oregon Inlet northward has been quite the opposite with limits of striped bass being caught by almost everyone at all locations in very short time periods with plenty of releases to keep them busy. Spotted seatrout, black drum, bluefish, and a few other species were also caught but striped bass dominated the catches.

PIERS/SHORE: Fishing from Rodanthe southward has been slow-moderate with a mixed bag of species caught, bluefish and puffers have been most common with a few red drum, flounder, kingfish, and assorted others reported. North beach anglers had a bit more consistency with very high numbers of 2-3 lb bluefish and seemingly endless amounts of skates and dogfish sharks along with a host of others.


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