Photo Gallery: “Fall Surf on the Outer Banks”

The Outer Banks is known to have some great surf in the fall season. Hurricanes and low pressure systems generate incredible swells but sometimes an average swell system gives us plenty to froth over. Especially coming off a typically quiet summer swell season with stationary high pressure systems that generate great weather but very small surf. Yes, we have to start layering on the rubber but it’s way worth it. These are the swells we live for. This is what drives everyone far and near in search for that perfect barreling beach break. And when you score….it’s one of the most gratifying moments in life. No one out but a handful of friends, trading tubes and smiles on one amazing stretch of beach called the Outer Banks.  Below are some incredible captures in time provided by photographers: Mickey McCarthy, Cory Godwin, Jason Bliss-Tucker and Mickey Sabadic.  enjoy!

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