Photo Gallery: “Swell Event: October 29, 2015”

What a day to remember on the Outer Banks. It was almost a carbon copy of our last good swell on September 30 in terms of wave height & quality. We had a solid ENE swell with perfect offshore winds and overhead swell all day in-town. It was a day to get your fix. Some surfed 2-3 times with breaks just long enough to fuel up with food. Some took off work and called it a day. Due to the size, it was breaking on the outer bars in most places but a few spots had the perfect set up with a throaty barreling wave just inches from the sand. Here’s a slew of photos taken at one of the better shore-break sandbar set ups. Photos: Nultemeier

wave charts

The left chart (Wave System History) shows how the wind swell built into a ground swell. The Forecast to the right picked right up on Thursday’s swell event showing favorable winds all day and pumping surf.