“EPIC Kites, Dimitri Riding Hurricane Joaquin Swell” – Photos: LUSK

Photographer Matt Lusk and EPIC Kites owner Dimitri Maramenides team up today during the height of Hurricane Joaquin and head out for a session in the ocean.  Lusk received a call from Dimitri late morning and was asked if he wanted to come photograph him kiting in the ocean. The surf today was 9.7′ @ 12.3 seconds with 30mph NNE winds, gusting in the 40’s. Bringing that back into layman’s terms, that’s really freakin’ big and WAAAAY freakin’ out of control.  Kids… don’t try this at home.

“What a great excuse to get out of the office! It was tough shooting in the nasty conditions, but a fun adventure. He launched in Kitty Hawk and finished at Avalon Pier. Glad you made it back in one piece Dimitri Maramenides!” – LUSK