Opposing Offshore Oil Demonstration Today – at the Manteo Waterfront

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.51.10 AMWe apologize for the late notice BUT we need all hands on deck because McCrory is in town TODAY! We have an incredible opportunity to show Governor Pat McCrory that we’re standing up for our beaches…meet us Friday, August 28th at 5pm at the old Davis lot, next to Poor Richards. We will peacefully display signs such as the yard sign above OR make your own (ideas below). McCrory will be attending a fundraising event at the Dare County Arts Council building from 5-7:30. We have obtained a permit for this through the town of Manteo, however it is IMPERATIVE we remain quiet, simply show our signs, only stand where assigned (in the lot) because at any point McCrory could stop the demonstration.

Poster ideas:
-List your occupation and how you contribute to bringing in tourism dollars (see nottheanswernc.org for ideas)
-Clean Beaches= Healthy Businesses
-Oil jobs are estimates our jobs are real
-Why risk our current tourism economy
Brought to you by Surfrider Foundation, Outer Banks and LegaSea

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