Summer is Coming: Safety Tips for Surviving the High Season

The high season is upon us. Last weekend’s Summer Solstice issued us officially into the season and the 4th of July is ONE WEEK from today. I had to do a double take at my desk calendar when I realized this. (Yes, I still use a desk calendar). But we can expect the weeklong revelry that the 4th brings to begin as soon as today.

It’s change over day. One of the biggest of the whole year. As we speak, last week’s crew of visitors is packing up their sandy suitcases and bringing their Outer Banks memories back home with them. At the same time, the next round of visitors are hurtling this way in hoards, speeding down I-95 and itching to get their toes in the sand at long last. And they’re not just heading toward any week on the Outer Banks. They’re heading into the 4th of July week, the height of dreamy days and magical summer nights and literal fireworks.

Courtesy of the Town of Nags Head

The Outer Banks knows how to do July 4th (Courtesy of the Town of Nags Head)

These people are pumped.

And we’re ecstatic to have them! Dare County’s year round population of about 35,000 balloons to over 200,000 during the Summer. That’s not even including Currituck and Hyde counties. Our community depends on this surge of tourism for our very survival. And when there are so many hundreds of thousands of people packed on our little barrier islands, survival and safety should be at the forefront of our minds.

I’m no doctor or law enforcement officer, but I have grown up on the Outer Banks and amassed a few tips and tricks of my own for surviving the high season, visitors and locals alike. My Top 5:

1. Seriously, wear sunscreen.

2. Do NOT drink and drive. Period.

3. Tip your server

4. Don’t swim after dark

5. Avoid the highway whenever possible

And now, let’s hand it over to an expert. Watch the video below to hear important and potentially life-saving safety guidelines from the Director of Nags Head Ocean Rescue, Chad Motz. He’ll explain how to be a responsible and respectful beachgoer this summer, to the benefit of all. Take it away, Chad!

Have a safe and happy Independence Day, everyone!

Video courtesy of the Outer Banks GovernmentChannel on YouTube. Click here to subscribe!

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