"2015 Gromprix Surf Contest" – Contest Results & Photo Gallery

On Saturday June, 20 the groms battled it out at the 2015 Gromprix Surf Contest for free entry into the annual O’Neill/Sweetwater Pro-Am Surf Fest, killer prizes, and bragging rights. The Gromprix is a 15 and under surfing contest put on by your good friends at O’Neill and Hatteras Island Boardsports.

The contest was moved due to lack of surf/sandbar a Avon Pier and was held further South at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse – one of the East Coast’s premier surfing spots. It was clean and green and although conditions were small, the surf was easily chest high to most of the groms. Lots of great surfing went down with a few standouts that clearly had the upper hand. In the end, the reigning champ was Noheah Futrell who won it twice in a row.

Big thanks goes out to the Hatteras Island Christian Fellowship crew for bringing plenty of food and drinks, Thanks to Hatteras Island Boardsports and O’Neill for putting on another great grom-test and sponsors: Nixon & Stance for the fun & games & giveaways. Also a big thanks for Brett Barley and Brendan Petticrew for hanging out, putting on a show and signing autographs.  Below are photos that were taken throughout the day. Photographers: Greg Kearnan, Cara Muglia & Brent Nultemeier.

Final Results to the 2015 Gromprix:

1 – Nohea Futrell
2 – Dylan Weeks
3 – Blayr Barton
4 – Konoah Wong

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Nultemeier_Dance Competition

For easy access to high resolution photos, Greg Kearnan posted a link HERE to access all 855 of his images. For all other images, please contact Brent Nultemeier at [email protected] if you would like a larger version of any photographs.

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