2014 – Outer Banks Surfing Year in Review (Photo Gallery)

2014 was not a bad year. There were some pumping swells in just about every month and as the year came to a close, the Outer Banks produced some Grade-A frames for all to enjoy. Couple that with minimal hurricane damage, an incredible month in October and a solid tourism season and you can bet plenty of locals here are smiling from ear to ear. Below are random photos that were taken from some of the best photographers in the biz. Thanks to all who contributed and if you identify someone who’s not credited, please comment and we’ll fix. Photographers include Mickey (2M) McCarthy, Jon Carter, Eddie Compo, Bob Hovey, Jordan Barholomew, Brent Nultemeier and Mikey Sabadic. enjoy….

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2M_Blake Jones

Surfer: Blake Jones, Photographer: Mickey McCarthy

2M_Brian Zongolwicz

Surfer: Brian Zongolwicz, Photographer: Mickey McCarthy

2M_Evan Foster Avalon Pier

Surfer: Evan Foster, Photographer: Mickey McCarthy

2M_Jeff Edmondson

Surfer: Jeff Edmondson, Photographer: Mickey McCarthy

2M_Jeffrey Myers~Avalon Pier

Surfer: Jeffrey Myers, Photographer: Mickey McCarthy

2M_Joey Crum_Lighthouse

Surfer: Joey Crum, Photographer: Mickey McCarthy

2M_Joey Crum

Surfer: Joey Crum, Photographer: Mickey McCarthy

2M_Juan Carlos Gerena

Surfer: Juan Carlos Gerena, Photographer: Mickey McCarthy

2M_Mark Dawson_KDH

Surfer: Mark Dawson, Photographer: Mickey McCarthy

2M_Mary Schmader

Surfer: Mary Schmader, Photographer: Mickey McCarthy

2M_matt haycox

Surfer: Matt Haycox, Photographer: Mickey McCarthy

2M_Mike Rowe_Rodanthe

Surfer: Mike Rowe, Photographer: Mickey McCarthy

2M_Patrick McManus_S-Turns

Surfer: Patrick McManus, Photographer: Mickey McCarthy

2M_Phillip Goold Avalon Pier

Surfer: Phillip Goold, Photographer: Mickey McCarthy

2M_Quentin Turko

Surfer: Quentin Turko, Photographer: Mickey McCarthy

2M_Sebastian Moreno

Surfer: Sebastian Moreno, Photographer: Mickey McCarthy


Surfer: Lily Whatley, Photographer: Mickey McCarthy

Carter_Brian Zongolwicz

Surfer: Brian Zongolwicz, Photographer: Jon Carter

Carter_Josh Beveridge

Surfer: Josh Beveridge, Photographer: Jon Carter

Carter_unridden gem

Unridden Gem, Photographer: Jon Carter


Surfer: Raven Lundy, Photographer: Eddie Compo

Compo_Zachary Kenny

Surfer: Zachary Kenny, Photographer: Eddie Compo

Hovey_Brett Barley

Surfer: Brett Barley, Photographer: Bob Hovey

Hovey_Dallas Tolson

Surfer: Dallas Tolson, Photographer: Bob Hovey

Hovey_Jeffery Myers_1

Surfer: Jeffery Myers, Photographer: Bob Hovey

Hovey_Jeffery Myers_2

Surfer: Jeffery Myers, Photographer: Bob Hovey

Hovey_Quiten Turko

Surfer: Quinten Turko, Photographer: Bob Hovey

Hovey_Sterling King

Surfer: Sterling King, Photographer: Bob Hovey

Jordan Bartholomew_Cash Barris

Surfer: Cash Barris, Photographer: Jordan Bartholomew


Photographer: Brent Nultemeier


Photographer: Brent Nultemeier


Photographer: Brent Nultemeier


Surfer: Nathan Lowdermilk, Photographer: Mikey Sabadic


Photographer: Mikey Sabadic


Surfer: Nathan Lowdermilk, Photographer: Mikey Sabadic


Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Photographer: Mikey Sabadic


Surfer: Dallas Tolson, Photographer: Mikey Sabadic


Sand dunes were not meant to stay in one place. Photographer: Mikey Sabadic


Surfer: Nathan Lowdermilk, Photographer: Mikey Sabadic


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