Photo Gallery: “December Nor’Easter, Part 2” (18 Photos)

Hmmm… December on the Outer Banks is a crap shoot. One day it can be freezing cold, the next it could be 70’s and sunny. This December is no different. As I write this, the ocean is near flat, the weather is extremely mild and yesterday we had thunderstorms and lightning. A few days before that, a quick and powerful Nor’Easter that pumped some solid swell all over the Outer Banks. If you didn’t get a chance to view our first photo gallery, click HERE. Otherwise, continue on and enjoy 18 more photos brought to you by Photographers: Jon Carter, Mickey (2M) McCarthy, Bob Hovey, Daniel Pullen and Jordan Bartholomew.

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01 DanaQuinn_Carter

Dana Quinn putting some rail work in at the Lighthouse Photographer: Jon Carter

02 PatMcManus_Carter

Pat McManus digging deep, he was going on some of the deepest and biggest barrels that day at the lighthouse. Photographer: Jon Carter

2M_empty lighthouse

Another perfect wave goes un-ridden. Photographer: Mickey 2M McCarthy

2M_Jesse Hines

Jesse Hines threading another beast of a barrel. Photographer: Mickey 2M McCarthy

2M_Luke Davis_1

Luke Davis was another stand out on December 10. Photographer: Mickey 2M McCarthy

2M_Michael Dunphy_1

Michael Dunphy proving it wasn’t all about big drops and barrels. Photographer: Mickey 2M McCarthy

2M_Quentin Turko

Beatings were had on Dec. 10. Quentin Turko ended up paying his dues on this one. Photographer: Mickey 2M McCarthy

2M_Ryan Langowski_1

Ryan Langowski sets up for a Lighthouse beast. Photographer: Mickey 2M McCarthy

03 QuentinTurko_Carter

Quentin Turko took some beatings this day at the lighthouse, but you gotta pay to play. Photographer: Jon Carter

04 Quentin_Carter

Quentin Turko having fun with the leftovers on Thursday evening at Avalon. Photographer: Jon Carter

05 SpencerMoore_Carter

Spencer Moore stepping on the gas peddle at Avalon. Photographer: Jon Carter

Bob Hovey_Allen Smith_Avalon_12.11.14

Sometimes the leftovers aren’t so bad. Allen Smith finds a solid barrel at Avalon on 12/11/14. Photographer: Bob Hovey

Bob Hovey_Avalon Pier_12.9.14

This gives you a good idea on what kind of energy was brewing the day before the surf cleaned up. Avalon Pier, 12/9/14. Photographer: Bob Hovey

Bob Hovey_Jesse Hines_1

Jesse Hines on yet another perfect barrel. Photographer: Bob Hovey

Bob Hovey_Sterling King_Avalon

Sterling King (of airs) launches a sick close out section at Avalon. Photographer: Bob Hovey

Daniel Pullen_buxton 1

FACT: Nor’Easters cause just as much if not more damage than hurricanes on the Outer Banks. This photo is proof that Buxton is long overdue on getting help. Photogrpher: Daniel Pullen

Daniel Pullen_buxton 2

Buxton Motels can’t catch a break…. or can it? Photographer: Daniel Pullen

Jordan Bartholomew_Cash Barris

Cash Barris not only cashed in on solid waves Dec. 10th, he also cashed in on getting some of the sickest waves caught on camera that day. Photographer: Jordan Bartholomew

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