“Ahhhhctober” A Swell Story – Anthony Leone

Save for the last few stragglers, as well as those who know better than to stay here in the summer, the tourist are gone and once the beach is cleared of inebriated frat boys and the ruins of long forgotten pop up tents even the Atlantic wants to stretch out.

With the pacific ocean catching the brunt of the tropical storm systems this summer and a below average tropical season in the Atlantic, you couldn’t say we’ve been wave starved but we haven’t exactly been offered the gluttonous feast of wide open spitting barrels that we’d come to expect in seasons past. The right low pressure system worked its way out to sea and with a lucky break from the past weeks of unrelenting north east winds, the banks came alive once again to remind us all why we choose this pile of sand to live and surf. – Anthony Leone

Arch-10-5pics 1

Rocco Calvino ripping into a few

Arch-10-5pics 2

Quentin Turko is blowing up, which isn’t hard to see when you watch him surf.

Arch-10-5pics 3

Jessica Wallace charged into some fun ones as well.

Arch-10-5pics 4

Quentin also has no problem dropping into the heavy ones.

Arch-10-5pics 5

Jeffery Meyers putting on the air show.

Arch-10-5pics 6

Jared Jennings on a perfect left.

Arch-10-5pics 7

Juan Carlos Gerena spends more time getting barreled on this left, than I do working on my computer at home.

Arch-10-5pics 8

Mid period swell, the right tides, the right sand bar, and the right winds. Juan Carlos Gerena taking full advantage.


Rocco Calvino lays one back.