Contest: “CSS Grom Skim & Surf Fest” Now Scheduled for 7/10/14

UPDATE to the CSS Grom Skim & Surf Contest:

“Tropical system continues organizing east of Florida; close to official tropical depression if not tropical storm status; expected to affect US this week.” We just got this announcement from the weather prognosticators. Corolla Surf Shop is going to play it safe and re-schedule the Grom Fest for Thursday, July 10th.
Attention ALL GROMS: Corolla Surf Shop will be hosting the CSS Grom Skim & Surf Fest. When: July 3rd (make-up day July 4th). All surfers and skimmers under the age of 18 can enter. Shred your way to the top and not only will you get local bragging rights but winner of the skim contest wins a Zap Skim Board. Nervous about competing? No worries because all contestants get a contest tee, prize bag and lunch from Cosmo’s Pizza. Contest applications will be in the shop and online, just email [email protected] and they will send you an application.

Grom Fest 2012 group picture cropped (1274 x 593)

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