Kiteboarding Pics: Dimitri Maramenides Tests new Kite called the “SURF” in EPIC Conditions

On October 9, most surfers were still landlocked – waiting for the new swell to develop into more surfable conditions. With swell heights reaching in the double digits and the onslaught of onshore howling winds, local kiteboarder Dimitri Maramenides from EPIC Kites was out playing in the soupy conditions in Kill Devil Hills. Photographer Charles Ash captures Dimitri as he tested a new wave kite called the SURF. Dimitri was also testing a new Life Jacket that was given to him by his friend (and big wave surf legend) Jeff Clark.  For more information about EPIC Kites, visit their website HERE.

Dimitri_01 Dimitri_03 Dimitri_04 Dimitri_05

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