4th Annual Outer Banks Shootout is ON (May 16-19)

The 4th Annual Outer Banks Shootout Surf Competition is under way with knee to thigh high, glassy conditions. Not a whole lot to offer in terms of surf but that doesn’t seem to slow down the competition. Head to the beach and check it out of if you can’t make it, watch it LIVE on our new Nags Head Streaming Cam – pointed directly at all the action. To find out when the competition is on, visit their website HERE…. or better yet, stay informed with their facebook page HERE. Photos: Brent Nultemeier

001_Shootout Banner IMG_1807 IMG_1808 IMG_1809 IMG_1813 IMG_1817 IMG_1818 IMG_1819 IMG_1820 IMG_1822 IMG_1826 IMG_1827 IMG_1828 IMG_1830 IMG_1829

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