2013 Hands Across the Sand, Outer Banks, NC – May 18th

hands across the sand

Sun, wind and wave power are valid, technologically mature sources of energy. It is important to accept better, cleaner energy in all types of communities, even those that aren’t considered coastal. In coastal communities that depend on tourist income, drilling and seismic testing would destroy the businesses that depend on clean beaches. It would ruin the local economy and long-term income and community wealth for the sake of short-term income for a smaller portion of the community. Now is the time to support clean energy.

“Hands Across the Sand” is an international movement in support of clean energy and in opposition of fossil fuel. This year’s event will be held on May 18th.  “Like” their Facebook page (link below) to find out when and where the event will take place. If you cannot make the event at this location (on the Outer Banks), please consider attending (or starting) one near you.


Join their Facebook Page HERE.

Hands Across The Sand from Walton Outdoors on Vimeo.