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We knew there was going to be surf on Sunday.  Or at least we had high hopes.  It’s been a long winter, and the thought of a good sunny Sunday full of surf was like a beacon in our nor’easter-addled brains.   The question, as it always is around here, was, what is the wind going to do?  We could only wait and find out.

On Saturday the winds blew hard from the south all afternoon.  Crazy, gusty, warm wind, smelling of springtime.   I was at Bob Yinger’s house, playing guitar while Bob grilled, the crew played cornhole, and Bob’s girl Laine took care of their newborn, who had an eye infection.   Outside, we could feel gusts up to 50 mph or so, and burly stormclouds were passing low; but it was a nice warm wind and we were all enjoying that mid-April feeling that the season is finally here.  On the Weather Channel inside there were reports of major tornado destruction in Sanford, a couple hundred miles west, where my friend Paul Barringer grew up.  His mom still lives there, on their old farm.  We had been playing phone tag since it was my birthday the day before, so I tried to call him again. No answer.

A couple hours later…

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