Surfrider Foundation, Outer Banks Chapter Meeting Tonight at Black Pelican (6:30pm)

surfriderDear Outer Banks Surfriders, This month’s social meeting will be on Thursday, January 20th at 6:30pm at The Black Pelican. The holiday season is over and we’re in the sun light deprived depths of winter. Anyone else feeling it?!? Let’s shake of the winter blues a bit and come out for a fun social meeting – apps and a few drinks for all – bring a friend. Let’s start thinking about 2011. There’s a lot going on.  Before I go any further, I’d like to ask everyone to keep long time Outer Banks Surfriders, Susan and Scott Lawrence and family in your thoughts and prayers. These guys have given a lot of time and energy to our chapter over the years. We are here for you.  It looks like the Outer Banks will be hosting the 2011 East Coast Surfrider Conference Columbus Weekend 2011 (Oct. 10th). This is a great opportunity to meet national Surfrider leaders and members from other East Coast chapters and re-energize. Hopefully, the Outer Banks will live up to its rep as a Fall swell magnet and we can show the West Coasters what it’s all about. Stay tuned. We spoke and they listened. The KDH Board of Commissioners added language in the Land Use Plan that explicitly limits building heights on the oceanfront. There is no question that our chapter played a pivotal role in making this happen by getting the word out and showing up to be heard.  Many thanks to everyone who let their support and opinion be known! Amazingly, another two year has gone by and we need to start thinking about the chapter board replacement. This is a good topic for this Thursday – please, bring a friend that you can nominate. Or better yet, if you miss this meeting you may find yourself nominated and in the “race”!  If you can’t attend & still want to nominate yourself or a friend – just email to this address and we will get them on the ballot! Finally, we need to setup some dates for 2011….Spring and Fall Camping Fests, Paddle Race, etc, etc. One idea that has been floated is to reduce chapter meetings to quarterly events. What do you think? Come out to the meeting and we’ll figure it out. See everyone on Thursday.
John Wasniewski
Co-Chair, OBX Surfrider
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